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About Marcy




In 1982 an American family-owned company called IMPEX was founded and after making a deal with Marcy and Escalade to manufacture Marcy gym equipment such as Smith Machines, Multigyms and Weight Benches on a larger scale throughout the US they quickly established themselves in the fitness industry. Over the years IMPEX acquired and licensed several high profile brand names and began manufacturing products for most major sporting goods retailers. In 2005, IMPEX partnered up with a small British company called Puretec Limited making them the UK and Europe’s only distributor of Marcy, and creating a powerful partnership that spans the globe.

Today IMPEX is recognised as an industry leader in fitness manufacturing, with brands such as Marcy, Steelbody and Bionic Body, each brand catering to a specific genre of fitness and has secured it’s place in virtually every strength market segment of the sporting goods industry. IMPEX and their brands are now a household name, well known for their commitment to offering customers innovate and high-quality products at competitive prices.



In 1992, a small, UK based home fitness company called Puretec Limited was founded to supply an distribute home gym equipment throughout the UK and Europe. The business quickly took off and in 1998 Puretec Limited became the exclusive UK distributor of Total Trainer Home Gym Equipment. By the turn of the century, Puretec Ltd had grown enough to see themselves selling online direct to consumers and their hard work paid off because in 2005, Puretec Limited caught the eye of an American family-owned business called IMPEX, so beginning their nearly 20 year relationship as they acquired the rights to Marcy and Everlast, making them the UK and Europe’s only distributor of the brand.

Over the next 11 years, Puretec Limited become major suppliers to big-name retailers such as QVC, Argos, Amazon and Costco UK and in 2016, after years of sharing the Marcy brand, Puretec Limited became an official member of the Impex Inc group, gaining the rights to supply home fitness brands Steelbody and Bionic Body within the UK. 

Today, Puretec Limited are one of the UK’s foremost suppliers and retailers of home gym equipment with a wide range of brands such as Roger Black Fitness, Davina McCall and Inspire, giving customers plenty to choose from. Now based in East Yorkshire, Puretec Limited now also sell through their new website which is designed to provide customers with high-quality, affordable equipment, along with a way to educate and guide customers through their fitness journey.

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